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Here you will find a collection of official documents, speeches, reports, and other information pertaining to cooperative nonproliferation efforts.
Official Documents
7/31/2012  National Strategy for Biosurveillance, The White House
6/14/2012  Joint Statement of the 2012 United States – Republic of Korea Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting, Department of State
6/13/2012  Joint Statement on the Third U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, Department of State
5/19/2012  G8 Nuclear Safety and Security Group Summit Report
6/13/2011  Report on the G8 Global Partnership , G-8 2011 Summit Website
6/13/2011  G8 Global Partnership - Assessment and Options for Future Programming, G-8 2011 Summit Website
5/27/2011  G8 Declaration: Renewed Commitment for Freedom and Democracy
12/10/2010  Joint Statement on the Results of the Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Security Working Group Meeting
11/17/2010  Fact Sheet: An Enduring Commitment to the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent
11/12/2010  Fact Sheet on U.S.-Japan Cooperation on Reducing Nuclear Risks

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