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RANSAC maintains a comprehensive database of information on proliferation risks and threats and on many of the programs working with Russia and other countries to reduce these threats.
2/22/2010  Building a Next Generation Nuclear Material Security Framework, Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security
1/25/2010  Making the Nuclear Security Summit Matter: An Agenda for Action, Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security
9/24/2009  The Subject Was Nuclear Weapons , New York Times
9/17/2009  How to Talk to Iran , Roger Cohen, New York Times
10/29/2008  Nuclear Security in Pakistan After Musharraf, Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security
9/10/2008  Cooperating in Uncertain Times: Sustaining Nuclear Security Progress in Russia and Pakistan
9/9/2008  Reported Accomplishments of Threat Reduction and Nonproliferation Programs By Agency, Joseph Longa and Matthew Giles, Partnership for Global Security
6/18/2008  Global Biosecurity Bulletin January - May 2008, Karen Davis, Partnership for Global Security
12/19/2007  Statement to the BWC 2007 Meeting of States Parties, Kenneth Luongo and Raphael Della Ratta, Partnership for Global Security
10/18/2007  Cooperation on Bio-Initiatives in Russia and the NIS: Toward a True Partnership, Kenneth N. Luongo, Derek Averre, Raphael Della Ratta, and Maurizio Martellini , Partnership for Global Security

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