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The Partnership for Global Security (PGS) mounts a global effort to decrease the dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction by working for a world in which all WMD are secured and the threat of their use is eliminated.

The Partnership for Global Security's vision is to create the broad and integrated networks of private and public partnerships that are necessary to meet the 21st century's global security challenges. PGS' goal is to prevent foreseeable WMD threats from becoming a reality by complementing and supplementing the work of governments and achieving tangible results.

Through the development of new initiatives, policymaker and public education, and analysis of worldwide WMD developments, PGS makes a critical difference in the world's ability to address the greatest international security issue of this new era.

Non-partisan, innovative, and results-focused, PGS has been the driving force behind the global expansion of WMD security and elimination efforts. With its expertise, resolve, and credibility PGS is a clear leader in providing foreign affairs content to governments, international institutions, and the global community.

The Partnership, originally incorporated as RANSAC, seized on the post-Cold War opportunity to cooperate with Russia and the former Soviet states to ensure the security and elimination of their nuclear and biological stockpiles and to peacefully reemploy their excess weapons scientists. PGS has broadened this focus to address critical emerging global security challenges.

The Partnership for Global Security enlists the support of individuals and institutions that embrace this agenda and the critical difference it can make in leading the world to a safer future.

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